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Friday, 13 March 2020

PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.16.0 Patch Notes-HaDD GamerYT

1. Varenga Spring update: Added Cherry Blossom areas with high odds of Picnic Baskets spawning.

2. New Holiday Item: Paint grenade. Releases colorful paint after throwing to dye the player's character. Available from Picnic Baskets.

3. Added a Flare Gun that calls a Super Air Drop. In the holiday version, there is a chance to obtain this from Picnic Baskets.

4. Varenga Improvements:

a) Added more roads leading to the Urban area. Fixed modeling bugs.

b) Added Shelter in the Northern area.

c) Adjusted the Southwest industrial area.

d) Adjusted the water area near the island.

5. Added Quick Secondary Weapons (Pistols). When reloading the main weapon, an option to quickly switch to and fire from the secondary weapon is now available.

6. Improved the Stun Grenade's pin-pulling action and the range of real-time information sent to teammates.


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